Podcast Episode 4 | 5K From Hell

BEST FRIEND CHATS. I am so beyond thrilled to introduce you to my special guest today. The true definition of a goal-oriented badass who pushed through nursing school through the pandemic and also became an Emergency Room Trauma Nurse at one of the top hospitals in the nation (which is a level one trauma center), while still going through the pandemic. She has owned her resilience time and time again. And I am excited for her to share a little glimpse into her wild ride of a life. Ontop of all that, she is always my BFF. Please help me in welcoming Mrs. Brea Ortiz to Taylor Made Tasty: The Podcast.  In episode 4 of Taylor Made Tasty: The Podcast, I walk you through:

  • Special Guest: My Bestie, Brea
  • BFF Origin Story
  • First Race of 2022
  • What it’s like to be an Emergency Room Trauma Nurse during the Pandemic
  • What makes a Good Best Friend

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