VIP Day


Uplevel and transform your vision with a half-day advisory session and rapid mindset coaching to spark clarity and goal confidence for the next 6 months in 4 hours of work.


  • A constant wave of stress when you think about your to-do list. 
  • You think to yourself, “When did that fierce fire and hunger for wanting more out of life turn into more of a flicker?”
  • You get that sinking feeling in your stomach because you have a million ideas swirling in your head and don’t know where to start with any of them.
  • When overwhelm hits, you either do nothing or worse–try to start them all and quit almost instantly. 
  • You live an okay to good life, but you have a deep feeling that you want to live a GREAT life. An exceptional one.
  • Your inner critic is often in your head telling you things like: “That will never work,” or “Everyone else has their life together, why can’t you,” and the ever prominent, “Who do you think you are?”
  • You’ve got so caught up in what social media says you *should* do, that you have forgotten what YOU actually want to do.


The battlefield is a scene of constant chaos. The winner will be the one who controls that chaos, both his own and the enemies.” 

-Napoleon Bonaparte

Think back to the last time you felt completely empowered and in control, how confident and motivated you felt. How full of happiness your heart felt. The positivity and energy you naturally radiated. The sense of intuition and connection you experienced each day. How people commented on how happy you seemed, and how much you were glowing. In this aligned state, all the “small stuff” seemed insignificant. Stress, petty people or negative self-talk… none of it affected you nearly as much then. Because you felt so connected to the truth of who you are and the goals you wanted to accomplish. Chances are, you’re reading this now because there’s at least one area of your life that you’re not fulfilled in.


Immediately shift how you feel right now?

Plan out growth in your personal/professional life?

Clear past quitting and explore forgiveness?

Map an attainable plan towards a specific goal? 

Be on a better path to living a more fulfilled and inspired life?

Know your very next move or action towards your goals?

Live more from the heart and bring flow into your life?

Transform your health, weath, relationships and overall level of connection?

That is why I created the LESS OF A MESS VIP DAY to help navigate you back to a place of CONNECTION.

Connection to YOU

Connection to being a priority in your life. 

Connection to your goals and future vision. 

Connection to your words, thoughts and voice. 

Connection to controlling your happiness. 

Connection to taking action with purpose. 

So much of our stress, anxiety and unhappiness is caused by the constant state of disconnection.



In order to unleash all your potential, we need to find your SPARK. We need to reflect on the past, learn from past actions or inaction and FORGIVE. Once you can remove the current BS from the driver’s seat, you can ignite the spark and gain momentum. This starts with understanding fears, doubts, patterns and self-sabotaging behaviors. This is where we clear the path towards that exceptional life that currently lives only in your daydreams.


To activate, we need a plan. Why do you care about your goals? Can you envision endless possibilities for yourself? What incredible and unique gifts do you bring to the world? Your ultimate vision is about to light on fire with the spark you just ignited through strategy, breaking down milestones and creating a solid plan while owning the superpowers you already have. The relationships you want to have, the money you want to make, the legacy you want to leave on the world and so much more wrapped into a pretty PLAN with a bow on it.


Time to do the work! When we are done with your VIP day, you will be armed with actions that will move the needle towards your goals and vision. Overwhelm doesn’t have a place in your life once you UNLEASH your action plan and know how to leverage your time and best habits to GO GET THERE. When your bullshit has been burnt to the ground, your confidence is soaring sky-high, and your actions come from a place of intention, you become a force to be reckoned with. You become UNLEASHED.

You’ll leave our session feeling:

Clear from the fear and doubt holding you back

Free from your inner critic 

Aligned with your immediate goals and long-term vision

Inspired to make yourself a priority 

Confident on what actions you are taking

Hey Goal Boss!

How are you? I am so glad you showed up today!

I’m Taylor, creator of Team Quit Quitting™ and the Less of a Mess Method. I have helped hundreds of serial quitters forgive their past, own their story, automate systems in their everyday lives to create life-lasting habits and finally quit quitting on their goals through tactile and actionable tools to fit their individual lives. I am here to force you to hold up a mirror to your potential and GO GET THERE.

What you can expect from your VIP DAY:

  • An in-depth heart-stimulating questionnaire designed to stir up your desires and reboot your big dreams! ($99)
  • A 1-hour pre-call where we get to the bottom of what you need + what’s going on for you + map out our master plan for the day ($175)
  • A 4-hour full and power-packed VIP day online, where together we’ll figure a way out of the stuff that keeps you up at night, we’ll redesign what it is you really really want, and we’ll success-map a master plan to make it happen. ($700)
  • Email + voxer access to me for the next 30 days after our VIP day – a coach in your pocket to keep you accountable, to share your wins, celebrations, updates! [Brace yourself, there will be sooooo many!] ($500)
  • Access to Goal Setting & Mindset Coach (ahem, that’s me!) with my full and undivided attention on you, your life and your goals. You’ll receive powerful coaching through your fears and blocks, so you can pursue your big dreams and get crystal clear on your next steps (and beaming with excitement to make them happen!) Practical and powerful strategy so that your passion meets your game-plan. Strategic goal mapping so you know exactly what to do next.

Total Value of the Less of a Mess VIP DAY: $1474

Your investment: $599

4 Easy Steps to YOUR VIP DAY:


You hit that pretty little buy now button and you’ll receive an email within 24 hours including a selection of dates to suit you for our day together, and your heart-stimulating questionnaire to get things stirring! 


You’ll receive a link to book your 90 minute pre-day intensive coaching session where we’ll get down to the nitty-gritty of what you need right now, and map out our magic day together!


We’ll hop inside a zoom room, take a well-deserved (and highly-needed-before-you-combust) step back from the daily grind of life, and reignite your vision for your bigger picture, complete with an exciting collection of actions you can take asap, and plenty of laughs and fun too!


You’ll leave with dreams, plans and actions bigger than you dared think about before, that feel totally real, achievable and ready to run full-steam ahead. You’ll be fuelled by a newly ignited radiance inside of you and with an unshakeable belief in yourself again.

Investing in yourself is an exchange of energy.

What is it costing you to NOT begin now?

If you have additional questions, please email me directly at info@taylormadetasty.com