wellness coach weight loss healthyChapped lips can occur as a side effect of medical conditions, however, for most people it is a by-product of their environment or wellness. Chapped lips is another word for dry lips, the lips themselves can become flaky, crusty, cracked and even bleeding can occur if symptoms are not treated. 

Why do we get chapped lips?

According to healthline.com, “Lips don’t contain oil glands like other parts of the skin. This means lips are more susceptible to drying out and becoming chapped (cracked). Lack of moisture can make the problem worse, whether it’s weather-induced or related to a lack of self-care. Little humidity in the air during the winter months is known to cause chapped lips.”

What can we do about it?

Below you will find 3 helpful cures for fighting chapped lips this winter season. 

  • Dehydration: When more water is leaving the body, than entering the body– dehydration occurs. There are many harmful side effects of dehydration, one of the more tame being chapped lips. Roughly 75% of the human body is made of water, we cannot survive without replenishing this life source. In doing so, chapped lips becomes a thing of past. 

TIP: To get re-hydrated, clear liquids are necessary– the most popular being water. According to Nessler on wedmd.com,  “In general, you should try to drink between half an ounce and an ounce of water for each pound you weigh, every day.” For example, if you weigh 150 pounds, that would be 75 to 150 ounces of water a day. To assist in getting all you water intake, keep a refillable bottle with you. Many places have water fountains that can keep you hydrated or run by your local Starbucks who is always willing to refill you! Also, try my Winter Water recipes for some funky, fun ways to get your water in. 

  • Liberally Apply Lip Balm: Licking your lips to moisturize is actually doing the exact opposite according to Dermatology Clinic at UAMS, licking your lips can actually make things worse. When the liquid from licking your lips evaporates, it will leave your lips feeling even more dry.” This is where your new BFF comes into play: LIP BALM. When these soothing ingredients are applied to the lips, it creates a layer of moisture that will seep in and start to heal the dryness. According to Dermatologists on prevention.com, Dr. Waldorf and Dr. Feely say to look for products containing occlusive ingredients, which create a barrier on the skin to prevent moisture loss. Petrolatum, silicone, squalene, lanolin, shea butter, and waxes all fit the bill.

TIP: Check out Prevention.com’s list of best lip balms, according to dermatologists. Choose your favorite brand and stock up for the winter. PRO TIP: Keep one in your purse, your car and at work. That way no matter where you are, you are always prepared when you feel you need a lip moisture surge. 

  • Avoid the Cold or Wrap Up: Our lips dry out much, much faster than any other part of the skin. So for most of us, the winter months are the season-long battle of keeping our lips moisturized and healthy. When the weather is uncomfortably cold, we tend to start breathing through out mouth instead of our nose. This can cause the chapped lips irritation to escalate. 

TIP: In circumstances when you can, try to avoid your lips being directly in the cold weather. If you are out in cold weather, wrap up. You can use a jacket that zips all the way up to cover your face or get an over-sized scarf that can cover your lips. If you live in extremely cold weather temperatures year-round, consider buying a humidifier for the home. This humidity will trick those lips back to healthy. PRO TIP: Leave the humidifier on overnight for the ultimate healing power. 

Winter can be challenging when it comes to your lip health. Follow the steps above and you are sure to be armed with the tools to make chapped lips a thing of the past this season. 

What lip balm are you going to buy? They all look so great! Let me know in the comments!