You’ve got all these plans, hopes and dreams, but you’re just not accomplishing them. You’re not doing the work. You keep starting and stopping. You keep quitting and you question why you can’t just, “get your life together.” I am here to give you some tough love: to gain momentum… you first have to understand what self-sabotaging stories, patterns, doubts, fears and behaviors are holding you back, and then actively release them. 

And when you do? You become a master of your mind. You activate a confidence in yourself you didn’t know you had. And you get to hit the ‘HELL YES’ button towards your dreams and ultimate life’s vision.

If you are seeking a more INTIMATE HUDDLE to reach your highest goals, the Next Level You 1:1 Private Coaching not only means you get deeply acquainted with how your mindset works and how you will respond to new habits, it also means you will learn the skill to set realistic objectives and how to hold yourself accountable.


  •  You are unsure of your career path or your job is sucking the life out of you
  • You wake up dreading to start the day more often than not
  • You don’t have established boundaries with work or with people in your life
  • You are in a constant cycle of burnout and feeling low energy 
  • You stopped putting yourself on your priority list 
  • Your desire to accomplish your goals runs deep, but the overwhelm and stress in your life is paralyzing 
  • You feel alone and seek support and accountability 
  • You keep spinning your wheels, jumping around trying to find what works for you
  • You are overly critical of yourself and old habits sneak in quick
  • You are so afraid of failure, you don’t know where to start
  • You are too focused on everything and everyone around you

That is why I created Next Level You 1:1 Private Coaching, a truly personalized experience where I coach your mindset to succeed, overcoming challenges and obstacles to eliminate the serial quitting. We don’t just talk about what needs to get done, I help you do it.

Imagine KNOWING exactly what you want, where to focus your time, attention, and energy. How AMAZING it will feel to have the weight of indecision lifted from your shoulders and to KNOW that quitting is off the table. 

If you’re ready to stop spinning and start feeling super confident in what to do next, hit the button below.

How Next Level You 1:1 Private Coaching works for YOU:

Custom Resources and Exercises:

You get custom resources (like books, podcasts, articles, or assessments) and exercises (pre-work and “homework”) to help you dig deep into subjects that will elevate your mindset and your goals. These resources help you make faster progress towards your decisions and give you those big “a-ha!” moments.

Weekly Reflection:

If you’ve never had a coach, you might be wondering what the heck coaching even is. The best explanation: I listen HARD to you, point out your patterns, your beliefs, and your inconsistencies, and help you figure out what you really want without all the noise of the outside world getting in the way. And it REALLY works. While I deploy tons of tough love, I am also your biggest cheerleader along the way. 

Customizable Coaching

When you decide that 1:1 coaching is for you, you also get to decide what we work on together. Depending on the season you are in, will determine what aspect of your life and your goals you want to impact first. That’s why I offer a mix of mindset/life coaching, burnout coaching, career coaching, and business coaching. It helps my clients get the best results, period. Everything in your life impacts everything in your goals, and my approach is to elevate one area at a time.

Flexible Goal Setting

Getting too attached to our goals can actually keep us from recommitting— even if it’s the right thing for us. That’s why I never force my clients to stick to their original goals of “fill in the blank”. Coaching is a time to question everything – even our goals – so we can be sure we’re staying true to ourselves. I am big on “case studies,” work a goal for a period of time to see if it sticks for you. We change our minds, we pivot and we date your goals to make sure they’re what you want, but more importantly, something you can maintain in your life.


Define your vision for yourself and your future?

Develop meaningful goals with a plan to achieve them?

Become an expert on how your mindset works and recognize your blind spots?

Manage transitions and different seasons in your life with ease?

Create work-life balance?

Establish healthy habits and routines that elevate your energy?

Be able to quickly identify what actions or inactions derail you from your goals?

Develop confidence, higher self-worth and courage?

Have tools to reframe negative self-talk in the moment?

Build and strengthen the relationships that matter most in your life?

I get it, you have big goals… you’re just lacking the know-how to create consistency towards them and the accountability to execute. This coaching is for you, if you are ready to invest in empowering and inspiring your vision into a reality

Maybe you’ve repeated the positive affirmations. Practiced the meditations. Written furiously in your journal. 

But, you’re still waiting for permission to show yourself what you’re actually capable of.

That’s because you haven’t given yourself the space or knowledge to uncover what’s going on underneath. After all: you can have all the positive mantras in the world. But, if your subconscious mind is still saying, “YOU CAN’T DO THIS.” You’re going to keep coming up against resistance, fear and a hoard of excuses to stop you from moving forward.

It’s time to stop waiting and start building a solid foundation towards your goals.

How Next Level You 1:1 Private Coaching works:


In order to work into the dream version of YOU, we start by clarifying your vision, values and purpose. To truly understand what you want from yourself and out of life. We begin to let go of the layers that are not serving you and align all future decisions to the core of who you really are.


This is where your dreams develop a voice. You speak your truth, you understand your wants, desires and greatest talents. Once your vision is in full-focus, we start understanding past roadblocks and anticipating future hurdles. We will actively work through rewiring your limiting beliefs and the fears that paralyze you from hitting your goals. 


A step-by-step solid road map will get you to your goals, along with good old-fashioned hard work. Based on your dreams and vision, we create attainable milestones and start to build a life you love. You will start seeing results of your hard work through intentional action, elevated  self-love and accountability. 


We refine and tweak your vision as needed each week. With life’s curveballs, I coach you through evolving and learning to listen to the internal GPS that is attached to your step-by-step road map. Week after week, you keep stepping into your highest-self and best version of happiness and fulfillment. 

I know you’re ready to dig deep into what’s really holding you back from going all in. You’re ready to dissolve your doubts around what your goals are. And you’re ready to back yourself with everything you’ve got.

When you have a Coach, your odds of success increase. Because you get the education, accountability, and motivation every single step of the way. This is why my Next Level You Private 1:1 Coaching Program includes monthly or weekly coaching sessions, weekly voice text check-ins and accountability and support, ensuring you receive the ongoing knowledge, advice, motivation and customization that is crucial for overcoming potential roadblocks and helping you reach long-term success.

Whether your goal is to manage your stress levels, obtain healthy wellness habits, gain energy, conquer business goals, create boundaries in your life, overcome self-sabotage, or be in a better mood… Next Level You Private 1:1 Coaching Program is an excellent option. If you’re ready to live a healthy, productive and inspired life, then enroll in the Next Level You Private 1:1 Coaching Program below!

What you can expect from your Next Level You Private 1:1 Coaching Program:

  • LIVE 60-minute coaching calls that include personalized feedback, topic-specific coaching, and plenty of time for talking through situations in real time so that you are always learning more and able to implement with clarity immediately. 
  • Personalized audio message support in-between video calls where you can access Taylor Monday – Friday for questions, accountability, feedback, and as much tough love as you could ever need.
  • Email support and tailored resources as needed like: books, podcasts, articles, or assessments and exercises (pre-work and “homework”) to help you dig deep into subjects that will elevate your mindset and your goals.
  • Mapped out goals for the next 90 or 180 days with focused game-plans for each of your specific goals in every area of the life wheel.

MEGA BONUS: When you purchase a 1:1 Coaching Package, you get instant access to the Team Quit Quitting Monthly Membership for FREE!!! With like-minded Goal Bosses, this is your space to get endless encouragement, friendship, and opportunities for brainstorming and learning together. Including monthly virtual accountability and social meet-ups! As long as your 1:1 contract is active, you have access to the membership!

4 Easy Steps to Next Level You Private 1:1 Coaching Program:


You hit that pretty little enroll now button and you’ll receive an instant email confirmation.


You’ll receive a link to book your 1:1 sessions, where we’ll get down to the nitty-gritty of what you need right now, and map out your magic together!


We’ll hop inside a zoom room, take a well-deserved (and highly-needed-before-you-combust) step back from the daily grind of life, and reignite your vision for your bigger picture, complete with an exciting collection of actions you can take asap, and plenty of laughs and fun too!


You’ll leave each session with dreams, plans and actions bigger than you dared think about before, that feel totally real, ACHIEVABLE and ready to run full-steam ahead. You’ll be fuelled by a newly ignited radiance inside of you and with an unshakeable belief in yourself again.

Investing in yourself is an exchange of energy.

What is it costing you to NOT begin now?

If you have additional questions, please email me directly at [email protected]