wellness coach weight loss healthyThere are over 500,000 podcasts, with 18.5 million episodes in 100 languages. It can be a daunting task to find the perfect fit for you. Worry no more, I did research to bring you the best of the best. Below you will find our perfectly curated list of top 10 favorite podcasts for health and wellness of the mind, body and soul. Instead of listening to Carbi B’s “I like it like that,” for the millionth time on your way to work, pop one of these episodes on and open your world! I get it, she’s hypes me up too. But, so will these!


1. TEDTalks Health

TED is a nonprofit dedicated to giving the world the best of “Ideas worth sharing.” In the podcast TEDTalks Health, the episodes explore everything from daily wellness insight to groundbreaking medical discoveries. TED.com hosts these episodes in 80 different languages. The range of episode topics is vast from, “How racism makes us sick,” to “We can start winning the war against cancer.” 

FAVORITE EPISODE: “One more reason to get a good night’s sleep.”


2. Tiny Leaps, Big Changes

Self-proclaimed, “wellness, motivation and inspirational podcast.” Tiny Leaps, Big changes is about making small changes that lead to big momentum. You will learn tools to change daily behaviors into goal-crushing success. You can learn how to “Use your inner dominatrix” to change your mindset or “What to do when you don’t have support.”

FAVORITE EPISODE: “Why love is always the answer.”


3. Ed Mylett Show

Ed Mylett is an entrepreneur named “Top 50 Wealthiest Men under 50.” His podcast pushes you and your dreams… not to be “spending your life working for someone else and building their dreams.” He aims to mold and elevate aspects of your life that you want to level up. With episodes talking about his “Morning ritual,” and “Unlocking your success code.”

FAVORITE EPISODE: “The 10x effect.”


4. The School of Greatness with Lewis Howes

New York Times bestselling author, Lewis Howes, has impactful after impactful guests on his podcast. You will learn about money, sleep, wellness, diet and doing what you love. He shares his space with influencers, millionaires and world-record athletes exchanging information on, “Money Habits: How to create a rich life,” and “The secret to self-worth.”

FAVORITE EPISODE: “Master the laws of human nature.”


5. The Model Health Show

Nutritionist and author, Shawn Stevenson, dives into a high array of subjects from his favorite topic–sleep… to weight loss, sex, heart disease and many more. He keeps his episodes light and entertaining, even with hard-hitting, tough subject matters. No doubt he will be one of your favorites in no time, with episodes about, “The comfort zone myth,” and “Deadly fats vs. Healthy Fats.”

FAVORITE EPISODE: “Eliminate sabotage & break through your limiting beliefs.”


6. Earn Your Happy

Fitness world champion, Lori Harder, turned author created “The Bliss Project,” a weekend where women “trade excuses for empowerment.” Her episodes range from in-depth interviews with equally incredible humans, to 15-minute “quickie” episodes with life, business and relationship tips. Her mission statement being “stop waiting until you’re happy, go out and earn it.” Learn how to earn your happy with episodes like, “Have you ever thought ‘There’s got to be more?’ “ or “How being you attracts abundance.”

FAVORITE EPISODE: “Upgrade your meltdowns.”


7. Unlocking Us with Brene Brown

Brene Brown has spent over 20 years studying the emotions and experiences that bring meaning and purpose to our lives and has found that we are hardwired for human connection. Connecting requires courage, vulnerability and conversation. 

FAVORITE EPISODE: “Brene Brown with Dolly Parton”


8. Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations

Oprah’s engagement and fluid conversation with people from all walks of life will bring light and clarity into yours. The same great interview style you know and love is brought to the podcast platform with the likes of bestselling authors, world leaders and spiritual beings. You will be awaken to a community that seeks a meaningful, purposeful, rich life. Discover this through episodes like, “The four essentials of trust” or Leading with compassion.”

FAVORITE EPISODE: “Giving women a voice.”


9. The Science of Happiness

Produced by PRI and Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center, Dacher Keltner hosts, “The Science of Happiness” Podcast with the goal of giving listeners the tools to a more fulfilled life. As an award-winning professor, Dacher, draws from science to school you on mindfulness, greatness, gratitude and of course, happiness. With episodes like, “Quieting your inner critic” and “Find your best possible self,” The Science of Happiness will have you smiling in no time. 

FAVORITE EPISODE: “How gratitude benefits your brain.” 


10. Good Life Project

Raw and unfiltered, just how a “Good life,” should be. This podcast with Jonathan Fields, explores conversation and the stories of it’s guest who are living that good life. Or have found the tools to do so. Engaging, soulful and brilliant episodes like, “Reclaiming strength out of darkness” or “To read emotion, don’t look. Listen.”

FAVORITE EPISODE: “You are a badass (at life and money).”


What is your current favorite podcast? Tell me in the comments!