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CREATE BALANCE AND PRIORITIZE YOURSELF by learning the exact method that has helped 400+ women push through their “life plateau” and implement lasting lifestyle changes.

This Is For You If:

    • You constantly feel disappointed in your lack of commitment.
    • You feel you’re doing all the “right things in life,” and still not seeing progress.
    • You beat yourself up for your past setbacks, quitting and live on the “regret train” or the “I wish boat.” 
    • Chronically overthinking to the point where you make no moves at all.
    • You desperately want to put yourself back on the priority list.
    • You know what you want and know how to get there, but don’t have the dedication or will power. 
    • You lack follow-through because of constant low-energy.
    • You crave a solid support system to help you stay disciplined and accountable. 
    • Life feels draining and “everything and everyone else” is time-consuming.
    • You wish you had more energy to do the things you love with the people you care about.
    • You feel held back by self-doubt or limiting beliefs.

Imagine Your Life If…

    • You felt at peace and ease at the end of each day.
    • Your mental toughness allowed you to push through the setbacks. 
    • You forgave your past actions or inactions and elevated your confidence and self-worth.
    • You developed healthy routines, achieved your goals faster and had reliable accountability. 
    • You felt in control of your work day, your home life and your personal goals with an excess of time and energy.
    • You could develop a loving and caring relationship with yourself and your body because of your daily habits. 
    • You were able to live your purpose and have a meaningful impact on others.

  The truth is managing your time and energy wasn’t taught in school or something you may have had a good example of growing up. Imaging a more fulfilled and less chaotic life may sound “too good to be true.” It’s not when you learn the right moves and mindset around reclaiming your most valuable assets

– your time and energy.

Control Your Chaos Group Coaching is a 12-week program that will completely rebuild your relationship with time-management, goal setting and owning your will power. This program will teach you how to create lasting routines, enforce healthy habits and alter your relationship with time.

What you get when you join Control Your Chaos Group Coaching:

    • A roadmap to increase your discipline and commitment, while lowering procrastination and distractions. 
    • Techniques for overcoming self-sabotage, perfectionism, excuses and self-judgment. 
    • A simple formula to uncover what is wasting current time and energy, to work smarter, not harder. 
    • Tips for increasing your focus and concentration to prioritize your mental, physical and spiritual health.  
    • Access to 10 LIVE 60-minute group coaching workshops, accountability calls and community building.
    • Learn the Control Your Chaos Method through bite-sized Video lessons, exercises, and coursework designed to make sure you retain and apply everything you learn.

Here are results from my past clients:

Here’s How it Works: Quit Quitting

in 4 Simple Steps!

  1. Choose a Payment Plan 
  2. Receive instant access to the private online portal with your orientation videos.
  3. Save the dates for the weekly live coaching sessions. 
  4. Introduce yourself in our private online COMMUNITY group.

Ready for more time, more organization and more mental peace?

By the end of CYC Method, you’ll be able to confidently and consistently manage your work, wellness, personal development and relationships with ease. And also, have time and energy for events, catching up on your shows and making yourself a priority without feeling guilty about *what you haven’t done.*

Control Your Chaos Method Curriculum

Tiny, bite-size nuggets of weekly mindset wisdom that are easily digestible and build on each other week after week. Here is a sneak peak at the curriculum:

Module 1:

Goal Mindset, Time Audit and SMART Goals

Module 2:

Mastering Forgiveness

Module 3:

Self-Coaching and Accountability

Module 4:

Setbacks and Bounce Backs

Module 5:

Self-Worth, Acceptance, & Grace

Module 6:

Motivation & Your “Why”

Module 7:

Morning & Night Routine

Module 8:

Boundaries & Support System

Module 9:

Meal Planning, Meal Prepping & Wellness

Module 10:

Prioritizing & Reinforcing Good Habits

Module 11:

Time Management Framework

Module 12:

The Future YOU

Control Your Chaos Method Road Map:

    • 10 LIVE 60-minute group coaching workshops and community building. [$2800]
    • Exclusive access to 12 modules of coaching videos for each success-pillar. [$1297]
    • Private online group for M-F support in-between video calls week to week. [PRICELESS]
    • 12 weekly workbooks to dive into self-reflection on each success-pillar. [$697]
    • BONUS: Example scripts for educating your circle on what support looks like. [$99]
    • BONUS: Tough love video to watch when your motivation is lost. [$199]
    • BONUS: Exclusive access to guest coaching videos on topics like self-love and compassion, relationships, and strategy on impacting your own vision. [$597]
    • DOUBLE BONUS: Lifetime access to everything mentioned above. [PRICELESS]



PAY-IN-FULL BONUS: ADDITIONAL 60-MIN 1:1 Coaching Call [$399]


$269 X 3

Not ready to pay in full yet? Invest installments over the timeline of the next 12 weeks. 

Hi, I’m Taylor!

Like so many of us, I struggled with commitment, will power, consistency and dedication to my goals. I was a serial quitter– I quit on anything and everything. I would start strong, then quitting felt like my only option because I wasn’t consistent or patient enough to see my goals to the finish line. 

For me, I had to be accountable for my bad habits and inaction. I started a journey to complete 52 hikes within one calendar year. The first two years I failed. The third year, I asked myself the question, “How would it feel to quit quitting?” I did just that, I became a retired serial quitter and started to master goal setting and actually committing to seeing them through. I crushed those 52 hikes and asked myself, “What else can I not quit on?”

I have been guilty of it too, but we give up too soon. We aren’t patient enough to have the will power to be dedicated to our goals. When we don’t control the chaos, the chaos controls us. That is when motivation and consistency are lost and we just go through the motions thinking that life is meant to be stressful, overwhelming and burn out is normal. 

Now, after 5+ years of studying goal setting, mindset work and how the brain functions when it comes to controlling chaos… I have helped 400+ women realize the problem isn’t motivation. Motivation doesn’t last for anyone. To be a champion at life is to learn how to control what you can and master the art of showing up for YOU daily.  

That’s why I have created this simple, straight-forward, digestible group program to master your mindset, routine, rituals, healthy habits, consistency, commitment, priorities and to set-up an effective and easy system to achieve your goals and maximize your energy and time.

Inside the program

  • START DATE: Wednesday, May 11, 2022
  • END DATE: Wednesday, July 27, 2022 
  • Custom easy-to-navigate online portal 
  • Private online group for community support 
  • Accountability pairings within group
  • 10 live calls (2 weeks with no call for “catch-up” throughout the program)
  • All live calls recorded for replay, if you have to miss
  • 12 modules with SHORT, bite-sized coaching videos (audio or video option)
  • 12 reflective worksheets to implement your weekly coaching


In 12 weekly summer sessions, I will break down the Control Your Chaos Method, coaching you each week the mindset pillars to time-management and goal success. During our weekly LIVE coaching calls you will never feel as though you are facing your journey alone. You will have access to a community of like-minded women who are putting themselves first. We will cover a variety of topics, dive into your real-life questions/situations and create an actionable plan “TAYLORed” to your goals that are based in reality for your lifestyle, so the results last long after the program closes.

What you’ll gain with Control the Chaos Group Coaching:

  • The freedom, time and mental clarity to do what you want, when you want.
  • When overwhelm and stress hit, knowing the exact tools to overcome and bounce back stronger than any setback. 
  • Mindset strength and confidence to have vital focus when needed and allow yourself to relax and refresh when needed too. 
  • Giving yourself the gift of forgiveness and ownership that all your past quitting and mistakes allowed you to see your incredible resilience. 
  • Knowledge that your time-management skills allow you to be in control of your daily tasks. 
  • Take back control of how your time is spent and stop wasting it on distractions or people who don’t deserve it. 
  • Become stronger than your excuses, own your worth and be accountable for what you promise to yourself. 
  • Develop consistency with healthy habits and routines that are productive with less effort. 
  • Ability to make quick decisions when you have competing priorities. 
  • Powerhouse capabilities to enforce boundaries because you are on the top of your priority list. 
  • Clear vision of how to live fulfilled in all areas of your life with work, wellness, personal goals and your relationships.


More satisfied clients:

Taylor is a phenomenal coach! I am a proud METHOD alumna (2X in the program and 12 MONTHS 1:1 PRIVATE COACHING). When I started coaching with Taylor, I was desperate for change, however; I was overwhelmed and didn’t know where to start. Now, more than six months into this journey, I have changed and have grown. I’ve quit quitting on myself. I’ve achieved success in my wellness journey and am seeking to reach my full potential – personally and professionally – using what I’ve learned in THE METHOD.

Jackie F.

When I first spoke to Taylor, I told her I needed to learn how to build my tribe, and to find new friends. I didn’t know HOW to do that, how to be vulnerable and let people in. I was looking for those tools, but what I didn’t know I would find is the beginning of that support system… (this method) encouraged me to make big decisions for me, and to start to really value my own worth. It has not been easy, it’s forced me to take a look at myself in a different aspect, but it’s been SO INCREDIBLY WORTH IT.

Meghan F.

I think the most beneficial part of this was the zoom meeting and group break outs. I learned so much for these women and almost never felt alone about how I felt about myself in those low moments because someone too had felt the same way or been through something similar. These women might have only been in my life for 60 minutes each week but that time gave me so much LIGHT during these really shitty times. I just want to thank Taylor and the women for giving me this new light to life.

Katie G.

(The Method) was just the game-changer I needed to shake out of my funk! Taylor is a dynamic coach filled with compassion, positive energy and tough love. Her lessons paired with the incredible community of like minded women have helped me build AND maintain healthy habits, lose pounds, shift to a more positive mindset, plan bigger goals, and most importantly gain back some control and confidence that I had lost in these uncertain times. Taylor offers tangible, concrete action items that are easy to implement into your life and quickly see results of consistent healthy habits. You will not be sorry for making this investment in yourself!

Shelby D.

This journey has truly been eye opening. In such a short amount of time I have learned so much about myself and skills that I will use for the rest of my life. Taylor truly has a gift as a coach. She makes you want to be better and she is always there to help or give you advice. The weekly calls have been so fun. It has been amazing to meet so many other women who have so many similarities in their journey as myself. I have loved every minute of being a part of this group and I highly recommend taking a chance on this. You won’t be disappointed!

Jennifer Y.


Ready to be a priority in your own life? 

With more time, organization and peace?

This one-time investment gets you LIFE-TIME ACCESS!

AND all future content upgrades for life, anything added– you get automatically!

Results you can expect:

Regaining yourself and hope for the future

Feeling powerful and in control of your life

Killer morning and night routines 

Pure excitement to start your day and ending your day with elevated energy


What’s the investment?

The investment depends on what payment plan you choose. I have flexible payment plans or a pay-in-full option with a special bonus.

When will I see results?

With anything in life, results come into play when you do the work. We have 12 solid weeks together and with my past clients, they started to feel the mental shifts right away and see results within their habits and goals by the half-way point. The radical responsibility is up to you.

I think I want to try on my own for now, when will this program run again?

There will be more chances to join, but the investment will never be this low again. And here’s a little bit of tough love: if you were going to do it on your own, you would have by now. Not investing is costing you so much time, energy, and frustration. 

Piecing together free information isn’t going to get you where you want to be and I DON’T want you to give up. By joining right now and betting on yourself, you’ll exponentially increase your success rate and get the support you deserve.

I have a lot going on, what is the time commitment?

The coaching videos are self-paced and mobile-friendly so that you can upgrade your mindset anytime, anywhere. Plus, the live workshops are all pre-scheduled so you know when to save the day. I designed the program to fit any busy schedule!

When do we start? How soon can I access the program?

Once you register for the program you are immediately sent your login details, and invitation to join the online community.  You get started at your own convenient time. All live coaching times and dates are announced in the private group with the link. 

Do you offer refunds?

My first goal is always to impact, with that, I hold all my clients to their investment and commitments because this program is proven to create epic results as long as you show up, do the work and have enthusiasm about learning. With that, I do not offer refunds. Should you have any questions about this, please email info@taylormadetasty.com.

Will I be working with you directly, Taylor?

YES!! All the coaching and workshops are created and led by me and I show up in our private online community daily. 

How can I access the online community?

The online community is a closed exclusive private group only for members of the program accessible through an online portal and our Facebook Group.  In this community you can share what you are doing and also ask me questions directly.  If you cannot join the live workshops, you can watch the recording later.

Will this work for me? I have tried many programs so how do I know that this will be different?

This group coaching program addresses the things that all your other attempts have left out. This is about creating sustainable habits that lead to life, time and energy transformations. Transforming your mindset, your worth and your clarity of why you care about this life-long journey. Results depend on many factors including the time and effort you put in and also if you have pre-existing mental health conditions.

Can I still do this program if I don't live in the USA?

Yes, you can do this anywhere in the world as I have clients in many different countries.  All you need is access to the internet to join the program from wherever you are in the world.

What happens if I cannot keep up and fall behind?

There is no falling behind as you do it at your own pace.  You watch the coaching videos at your own convenience. The live workshops mirror the pre-recorded coaching where I dive deeper, answer real-life questions and build our community with each other. 

This Group Coaching program guides you to progress and improve your lifestyle and mindset. The aim is not to be perfect but to keep continuing, making sustainable changes.

Coach & Client Agreement 

Diversity & Inclusion:

Inclusion is how we unleash the power of diversity. I strive to foster belonging and empowerment in all Taylor Made Tasty Inc. services. I listen and engage with our diverse communities. And I value feedback from my diverse clients.


Show up honest, show up owning what you need help with, show up willing to be vulnerable and learn from your past mistakes. The more authentic, the greater the growth.

Difficult Discussions:

First, we get uncomfortable. Then, we thrive. Difficult conversations with yourself, with me– your coach, and with your support system are all part of elevating into the committed badass you are working on.

Tough love:

Two-thirds coach, One-third cheerleader. I am here to push and challenge you, to hold a mirror to your potential and get you to start owning your resilience. My coaching style will always come from a place of love, know that when I feel you need to hear the tough-love… it will happen and you will be better for it.


When you decide to invest in yourself and commit to the Wellness 180° program, you are signing a contract with YOU. A contract of radical responsibility for consistently showing up even on the hardest days. The more you put into this program,  the more you get out.

Overwhelm has no place in this space:

This is not another thing to add to your plate, in small short bursts of powerful insight, information, mindset shifts and reflection — you will create massive momentum in your weight loss journey even with your limited time.

Perfectionism has no place in this space:

This is about Radical Responsibility. This program is never about showing up perfectly or even showing up 100%, I empower you to give this program 80% of your effort and you will see an 80% improvement in your wellness journey.

Comparison has no place in this space:

Your journey is yours alone, not a comparison to anyone else’s story. Comparison is only allowed in this space as a form of fuel to your drive to “see what is possible.” Let others who inspire you shine a light on the potential that you have. If it has been done by another, it can be done by you.

“All or nothing” mentality has no place in this space:

Choosing to be on an intentional goal-setting journey means that there is no “off track” or “on track.” There is just the opportunity to make the next best choice that will elevate your commitment, energy and consistency levels. Just because you get a flat tire, you don’t slash all the other tires. Same goes for any goal journey, a bad day doesn’t make a bad week unless you let the slip turn into a slide.